How do I redeem the coupon code on Amazon?

Here’s how it works:
  1. Copy your unique coupon code displayed above and and click or tap the ‘GET THE GLOVES’ button.  This will take you to an Amazon page where you will find the product listed at the normal price.
  2. Click on the product picture or title to take you to Amazon’s product display page.
  3. On the product display page, add the item to your cart, and click ‘Proceed To Checkout’.
  4. On the checkout page, find the box to enter a ‘Gift Card or Promotional Code’
  5. Enter the coupon code that you copied into the box and click ‘Apply’

You’re all set!  The promotion will be instantly applied and you’ll see the discount in your order.

Please contact us at 413 203 5757 with any problems.

Why are you sending me to Amazon?

As some of you know, we at SpitJack sell many of our products in places other than our website. You can find our products listed on Ebay, Walmart, and of course, Amazon. We have worked hard to make sure prices and shipping (free) are the same wherever our products are sold so you can be sure you are always getting the same value. We need all of these sales outlets to stay competitive in the current world of retail.

As we become more familiar with our sales channels, we have learned that we can maximize the value of the offer by directing you to Amazon to make your purchase rather than the using our website.

Please understand that these are our products.  When you purchase these products through Amazon, you are still buying them (indirectly) from SpitJack. They are only being fulfilled (stored and shipped) by Amazon. 

Through Amazon, we can offer you a better deal and shorter shipping times. At the same time (full disclosure) you will be helping us by improving our ranking on Amazon for that product.

A nice review, if you feel so inclined, would also help.